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Ologist Series- Blending Science with Art

If you love both art AND science, you could become a scientific illustrator like Tiffany Pereira! Join us and see how Tiffany has pursued a successful career that blends her passions together.


Bioluminescence is one of the wonders of the ocean. Join us as we explore this phenomenon and use household items during this STEM experience!



Did you ever wonder what goes on behind the doors of a recycling center?  Take a virtual field trip of the Recycling Center at Republic Services. Then if you want to dig a little deeper and learn about what to recycle and how it works, see some lessons designed for various age levels along with handouts and guides.

Earthquake & Cookies


What causes earthquakes? How do we measure them? Join us as Expert Explorer Krysan walks us through an experiment we can do at home to explore the shifts in tectonic plates.

Ologist Series-Herpetology with Ken Foose

What does a Herpetologist do? Join us as we explore a day in the life of a real herpetologist! Ken Foose gives us the rundown about a typical day using his herpetology skills at Exotic Pets located in N Las Vegas. 

25 Cool Science Experiments to Do at Home


By Spacebound

Get Outdoors!

Valley Trails Open



Virtual Field Trips of Nature

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